A Series of Pictures That Could Have Gotten Me Killed.


Yes, I am a genius.

While driving to Geraldine on Tuesday morning I got this really bright idea that I could totally take photos and drive at the same time! It’s these kinds of ideas that get people killed on the roads around the Canterbury and Mackenzie Districts. The same kind of ideas that see tourist’s Juicy vans parked dangerously on the sides of the roads while they set up their tripods right on the center line. Never mind the blind corners either side of them. This shit happens, I’m not making it up. I get it though. And these photos will show why. It’s all just so goddamn beautiful.

London has cocaine but New Zealand has the real snow.

*all landscape pictures taken on SH8 between Twizel and Fairlie



Empty roads are a city slicker’s dream come true. Probably saved my ass a few of the times I slightly drifted over the center line. Hard to think I’m not one of the idiot tourists, really.


While I was moaning about the lack of snow where I live, everywhere else within a 100km radius had a snow party.


Gotta admit I stopped to take this photo – would be kinda hard to get the same blurry zoom quality at high speeds. And if we’re being totally honest, I didn’t stop specifically to take this photo. I had bought a pie from the garage and kept spilling steaming hot mince on myself so that mess needed sorting out. 


Filters would have just ruined this image


From here the photos get a bit grubby and blurry because they’re screen grabs from the videos I took. If you wanna see the actual videos (accompanied by the weird mix of music I was listening to in the car) head over to my Instagram page linked somewhere in my profile, or whatever …



Grubby car window 


Every time a car passed me I would try to hide my phone in case it was the Police.


Yeah yeah, the mountains are real pretty and shit. They still scare me at night though.


What would have been the money-shot had I been trying harder. This is the point a lot of tourists just straight up slam on their breaks as they round the corner and get their first glimpse of Lake Tekapo.



And finally, this cutie pie almost mauled me to death (as you can see) in the morning. Just to add insult to injury.


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